Wheelchair hoist

Electric lifting of a wheelchair or mobility scooter

B&S offers you a wide range of universal wheelchair hoists. Hoists of high quality with a beautiful, modern design! Depending the car, the wheelchair/scooter model and the weight to be lifted there is a whole range of mythical hoists at your service.


Benjamin wheelchair hoist (25 kg)

The Benjamin is the smallest hoist in our program and designed to lift up wheelchairs and small scooters up to 25 kg into the trunk of a car. The Benjamin has a lift arm that can be taken out and can laid down in the trunk when the hoist is not used.

David/David XL wheelchair hoist (42/58 kg)

The David wheelchair hoist is the most popular hoist in our program, designed to stow wheelchairs and small scooters up to 58 kg into the trunk of a car. The David wheelchair hoist is available in various designs:

  • Fixed liftarm or foldable liftarm
  • Manual or electric rotation
  • Lifting capacity 42 kg (David) or 58 kg (David XL)

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Janus XS/Janus wheelchair hoist (25/42 kg)

The Janus hoist is a special version of the Benjamin or David hoist. The Janus hoist has a rotating hoisting head on top of the liftarm, which makes the length of the liftarm variable. The wheelchair or scooter can be picked-up and lifted further behind the car and more accurately positioned in the trunk. The Janus wheelchair hoist is a good solution, especially for cars with a wide rear bumper.

  • Janus XS: lifting capacity 25 kg, fixed liftarm
  • Janus: lifting capacity 42 kg,fixed or foldable liftarm

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Samson XS/Samson wheelchair hoist (84/115 kg)

For wheelchairs and scooters up to 115 kg we developed the Samson wheelchair hoist. The Samson is available in different versions:

  • fixed liftarm or foldable liftarm
  • manual or electric rotation
  • lifting capacity 84 kg (Samson XS) or 115 kg (Samson)

Hercules/Hercules XL wheelchair hoist (150/185 kg)

A wheelchair or scooter up to 185 kg is no problem for the B&S Hercules wheelchair hoist. The very strong hoist is perfect to stow electric wheelchairs and powerscooters into the car. The Hercules wheelchair hoist has a fixed liftarm and can be supplied in a manual or electric rotated version. The lifting capacity of the Hercules wheelchair hoist is 150 kg or 185 kg (Hercules XL).

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Goliath wheelchair hoist (200 kg)

The B&S Goliath wheelchair hoist, with a lifting capacity of 200 kg, is the most powerful wheelchair hoist that is available.. The Goliath is equipped with a very strong metal chain. The Goliath wheelchair hoist has a fixed lift arm and can be supplied with manual or electric rotation.