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Since 1980, an understanding in vehicle adaptations, rehabilitation technology and tools for mobility and comfort.

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Car seat fixation
Car seat fixation
B&S Foldable travel cot
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More than 35 years unlimited freedom... B&S is a well established company, specialised to increase and maintain the autonomous of disabled people by giving them their mobiilty. The current market position of B&S arose due enormous expertise of car adaptations and development of rehab products like custom made wheelchairs and seats. Our individual approach and advice is the fundament to create the best fit between product and user. That's why development is our core business, because everyone is unique. B&S is importer, dealer and manufacturer of the best rehab products available. From cane or wheelchair till a completely adapted car, B&S will give you 'Unlimited freedom'.

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Location Hoorn

B&S Hoorn
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B&S Amersfoort
  • Xenonweg 7a
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