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Mobility products

Mobility products solutions to keep people mobile We develop and manufacture our own portfolio of products that consists of: Wheelchair hoists to stow wheelchairs/scooters into the car Winches to pull in wheelchairs with occupant in and out of the car Boarding aids to enter the car Belt systems to safely transport children in the car

Wheelchair hoist

Wheelchair hoist Electric lifting of a wheelchair or mobility scooter B&S offers you a wide range of universal wheelchair hoists. Hoists of high quality with a beautiful, modern design! Depending the car, the wheelchair/scooter model and the weight to be lifted there is a whole range of mythical hoists at your service. DOWNLOAD

Wheelchair Winch

B&S Wheelchair Winch effortlessly pull a wheelchair in the car The B&S Winch is an aid to pull a wheelchair with occupant into wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV’s), like a lowered floor car or a minivan with sloping ramp. When getting out of the vehicle via the ramp, the B&S Winch holds the wheelchair, so it … Continued

Car seat adjustments

Car seat adjustments transfer tool for getting in and out Especially for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the car independently due to a physical disability or old age, B&S has developed a number of products to facilitate this transfer.

Car restraint system

B&S Car restraint system restraint system for car and taxibus Especially for hyperactive and/or mentally handicapped children B&S has developed a 7-point car restraint system. The system consists of a baseband that is easy to attach to the rear seat or the taxi and a fully adjustable harness with 7 lockable buckles. DOWNLOAD