Booster seat with car restraint system

the well-known car restraint system mounted in a booster seat

We proudly present the Cybex booster seat with car restraint system! When a child is to big for the standard car seat they need to be carried in the car on a booster seat with a backrest. However, a booster seat no longer has additional fixation options, except the mandatory 3-point seat belt which is mounted in the car. The standard car restraint system cannot be mounted in a booster seat with backrest.

Children who unintentionally open the seat belt and/or climb out of the seat belt need extra fixation. We have developed a suitable car seat fixation in the Cybex booster seat. In this way, children up to 135 cm can sit in the booster seat and safely carried in the car.

For the small and big escapees …

Children who have just grown out of the group 1 car seat, until they have a length of 135 cm can sit in a booster seat with car restraint system.

The booster seat naturally grows with you, but so does the base band of the car restraint system. This way you can ensure that children who open the 3-point seat belt themselves and/or crawl out of the seat belt can safely travel with the car.

Click here for more information about the car restraint system.

Easily adjustable

It is very easy to ‘enlarge’ the combination once the child has grown. The base band is loosened and the booster seat can be enlarged with the standard adjustment. You tighten the tires again and the booster seat with car restraint system is ready for use. No tools are needed!

Features Cybex Solution S2 i-Fix

  • age about 3 to 12 years
  • carrying weight from 15 to 50 kg
  • weight booster seat 6.2 kg
  • size 40,5 x 50 x 61 cm
  • forward-facing i-Size (category 2/3)
  • height-adjustable headrest, 12 positions
  • adjustable backrest
  • equipped with Isofix mounting
  • optimal side protection
  • armrests provide comfort and pelvic protection
  • removable cover, can be washed at 30 degrees
  • provided with N/ECE R129/03 i-Size quality mark

Legislation and safety

With regard to the transportation of children we advise you to consult the applicable laws and regulations.

  • When using the booster seat with car restraint system, the use of the regular 3-point safety belt is mandatory.
  • The use of the booster seat with car restraint system is at all times at your own risk.
  • Only lock the lockable side release buckles if this is really necessary.
  • We advise (especially when used by third parties) to coordinate with all parties involved that a person is being transported with a booster seat with car restraint system.
  • We strongly recommend fitting the supplied safety belt cutter in the car/taxi(bus).

User manual booster seat with B&S Car restraint system

Make sure you use the system properly and maintain it so that you can use it for years without any problems. Download the user manual here.